Our Mission

To support our property managers by protecting their landscape investment and increase the value of their investors properties. Provide best in class service, communication and customer experience. We believe it's our job to take away the worry so you look good. Always. 

Our Story

Landscaping has fascinated Jeff Burt, Tenant's founder, as long as he can remember. From the early age of 13 he started his first landscape business. He spent those early years working with his best friend John who, today, owns Crown Land Mgt in Southern California. As he got older, his interest in business ownership grew into an obsession: He knew he found his life's calling.  

With life comes opportunities. So after a 20 year stint in Corporate America, he came back to what he loves to do. Wanting to get his hands dirty once again, he started Tenant Land Management, specializing in protecting his customers investments "One Property at a Time." 

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